ARA is a 501 (c) 3
(in the United
States of America)
SIMM: Enhancing the reach and impact of the Help Africans Help Africa
(HAHA) microfinance project with the help of Mobile Phone Technolgy
Introduction to SIMM
Four Women: Evodia, Mary, Eveline & Mercy,
Ntabuweh Village
Ginger Farming

Mercy Bi and three other women
have formed a smal business group
for farming and selling ginger.
Ginger is a very viable local
commodity with both nutritional and
medicinal value and is in high
demand. These industrious women
are already farming at a very small
scale and need a loan to help them
expand farming and marketing to a
level that would enable them to save
money to sustain the business and
their livelihood.

They all have only a primary school
education and have individual
families  and children to support.
Loan amount: 350 US dollars

Amount already raised: 350
Amount remaining: 0
Repayment term: 11-13  months

Risk: ARA guarantees repayment
Lend to Mercy and co
Secure Paypal
still need lender(s) for Amount
remaining: $0

1. Oliver Jones
Location: Orlando, Florida
Amount loaned: 50 USD

2. Suzanne Winningham
Location: Tullahoma, TN
Amount loaned: 50 USD

3. Arlette Fluckiger
Location: Steffisburg, Switzerland
Amount loaned: 200 USD

Chungong Funwi
Location: Orlando, Florida
Amount loaned: 50 USD
Victorin Sirri, Nsaniminwi, Cameroon
Petit Trading in foodstuff

Victorine needs some capital to buy
more food stuff to help grow her
business. She is expecting a new
baby and for her this business is the
future. This is a woman in real need.
Loan amount: 150 US dollars

Amount already raised: 100
Amount remaining: 50
Repayment term: 10-12 months

Risk: ARA guarantees repayment
Lend to Victorin Lem
Secure Paypal
still need lender(s) for Amount
remaining: $50

1. Godlove Ntumgia
Location: Orlando, FL
Amount loaned: 100 USD
Elsie Ngum, Delphine Nchang and Loveline Lem
Pig Rearing

Elsie, Loveline and Delphine are
sisters in Business. They own a pig
rearing business but need money to
buy material: plank and  zinc to build
an additional sty for the pigs. The
business is already two years old
and they need more space for the
new piglets. $100 will be repaid in 6
months, and the rest in 5 months

Elsie holds a BA in English,
Delphine holds a vocational  
certificate in accounting, and
Loveline holds a Grade 1 certificate.
Loan amount: 350 US dollars

Amount already raised: 0
Amount remaining: 350
Repayment term: 6-8  months

Risk: ARA guarantees
Lend to Elsie and co
still need lender(s) for Amount
remaining: $350
Sirri Bienkaa O and Nkuroku Helen
Petit trading

Sirri Bienka and Nkuroku Helen are
seeking for a loan to invest more in
their petit-trading business: buying
and selling oil and drugs.  Sirri
Bienkaa is the owner of a very small
store selling drugs/medications
locally, while Helen is an expert in
Buying and selling palm oil. The
loan would be a great booster to
their businesses. They hold each
other accountable in this business

Sirri Bienkaa is a holder of a First
School Leaving certificate and is a
trained nurse. Nkuroku Helen is also
a holder of a First School Leaving
Loan amount: 400 US dollars

Amount already raised: 200
Amount remaining: 200
Repayment term: 10-12

Risk: ARA guarantees
Loan to  Sirri and Helen
still need lender(s) for Amount
remaining: $200

1. Janet Akwa
Amount loaned: 200 USD

2. Ivan Ndamukong
North Carolina
Amount: 100 USD
Sustainable Impact
Mobile Microfinance
The SIMM project can be envisioned as ‘An ‘Ebay’ for Africa’
powered by mobile phone technology. In proper context it
integrates three objectives:

First it will connect African micro-entrepreneur/businesses to
African buyers/consumers worldwide through a SIMM
Marketplace which has a virtual face similar to Ebay, but which
would be accessed mainly by phone. This will significantly
enhance market accessibility, competitive marketing, bargaining
and economic growth. Female  microfinance entrepreneurs can
access the SIMM marketplace via SMS/MMS/phone  to list or
delist their products, or ask for info: current market prices and
expert advice. The Entrepreneur will receive an SMS once their
product is sold, with info on pick-up and delivery. Buyers can
access the SIMM marketplace for available products, pricing,
location and instant purchasing, bidding or bargaining. In the long
term, they can also request delivery.

Secondly, SIMM will connect micro-entrepreneurs to potential
lenders/investors through the SIMM marketplace. Lenders  
worldwide, and especially from the African Diaspora, can connect
to their sending communities – watch a micro-entrepreneur MMS
video and lend money to a female entrepreneur of their choice
through the SIMM Marketplace. This will significantly enhance

Third, SIMM will inform: provide latest market info, prices and
expert business tips to micro-entrepreneurs and subscribed
businesses, consumers, as well as provide local development
news to the African Diaspora (lenders) from their sending
communities through the SIMM Marketplace. The latter service
will enhance sustainable engagement with African Diaspora
groups and goodwill non-Africans interested in a specific African
country, and enhance their potential participation in sustainable
development in Africa. Meanwhile info and tips would help reduce
price dispersion and waste and increase an entrepreneur profits
and consumer welfare.

SIMM will initially focus on Cameroon with Microfinance support
by the Diaspora and goodwill non-Africans mainly from the United
States during the first year. The SIMM model would then be
gradually extended to other African countries.  In line with USAID’s
priorities in Africa, SIMM will significantly enhance sustainable
economic growth in Africa, and facilitate the realization of two UN
Millennium development goals: End poverty and empower women.

Camtel  (Cameroon Telecom) has already expressed interest to
allow free SMS for Cameroonian SIMM MarketPlace  subscribers
who are also subscribed to Camtel
A project with huge potential
Economic growth impact in Africa.
Please support us!
Watch  example stories of change through
the HAHA microfinance project
Participants at the HAHA Microfinance workshop in Cameroon in October  
highlight the need for a means for greater access to markets. This  partly
inspired the SIMM Project
Empowering African Women to laugh (HAHA) in the face of poverty!
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